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PT Richkey Nusantara Trading (RNT) is an Indonesian-registered international  trading company that specializes in wholesale agricultural, plantations, and general commodities.

Our company is run by expertise and has a committed team to serve our customers with procurement and sourcing services. We obtain high quality agricultural goods from a large network of authorized farmers and supply them to our clients. Our commitment to quality, trustworthiness, and consistency has earned us a reputation as a reliable provider of agricultural, plantation and other general commodities.

To become a consistent and trusted international trading company in advancing Indonesian products internationally.

To become a trade centralization center that provides solutions for farmers, producers and buyers in stabilizing the needs of international world trade

Our Core



We believe in taking a long-term, well-balanced approach to furthering our objectives. In order to realize our company's goal and objectives, we believe in environmental, social, and economic sustainability.


Integrity means to speak the truth, to honour our words and to respect others.


Commitment is critical where we always provide our customers and investors with the best possible service.


Excellent is is expressed in several ways by selling and promoting customer-delighting goods and services, maintaining an operating atmosphere that delivers financial performance that fit investor expectations.




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